About Me

Taken at the Temple of Apollo, Delphi, Greece

Me? Well, that’s a long story…

My name is Manmeet Singh, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science in Computer Science at Hofstra University. I’m an intern at Altice USA as a Voice Engineer (basically a telephony service position).

How did I get into technology? Well, it started at an early age with my first PC (Windows XP, which was riddled with malware). I joined a robotics team in middle school called C.N. Rogue (Codename Acronym-we-could-never-come-up-with), and took on a research role as a part of the FIRST Lego League format. In 7th grade, we hit a big break. We won our district championship. We won our regional championship. And we made it to the world finals (link to abandoned fundraising page). With that said, I developed a great deal of technical and analytical ability, and I was hooked into the jaws of S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

In High School, I joined an Audio/Visual club called the Falcon Report, where I was engaged in media editing, filming, story writing, technical setups, and most of all: working with people across many different organizations and with administration (with mixed results). The combination of friendship and technical skills accrued during this time proved fruitful, as I took my steps into Computer Science (Here’s a link to the Falcon Report’s YouTube Channel).

Apart from technology, cooking and travel are my favorite pastimes, fulfilling gaps in today’s technological solitude. I sought out a way to express myself on my own terms, and that is the purpose of this site.